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Limit and No Limit Poker Games

At the recommended by CrazyPokerFan.com casinos poker games suit all the bankrolls and limits. There are a lot of articles online on various gaming topics as online blackjack, slots games and about casino gambling. This site is on poker and all the info that will help gamblers win big and gamble safe.

Commonly all poker variations are of three forms: Pot Limit (or PL), Fixed Limit (or FL) and No Limit Poker (or NL). The type of the game represents the poker betting structure that sets the amount each gambler can wager in any betting round.

Fixed Limit Poker

In the games with the this betting structure the raise and bet amounts are limited that is as a rule explained by the name of the game. For example, in $5/$10 Fixed Limit Hold’em poker the raises and bets size in the first betting rounds can not go beyond the $5 size but during the last rounds the betting limit is $10. Some fixed limit poker variations set the certain number of raises during every round, that is also called “the cap”. As a rule the total quantity of raises is three, so the bet may be raised only three times. During the last poker rounds of betting the cap is increased (up to five).

Poker games with the fixed limit betting structure are considered to be very trustworthy as it is difficult to lose all the money at once as a result of the set limits. That’s why fixed limit games are mostly popular among the new players.

Pot Limit Poker

In such games the players regardless how much they should call have the opportunity to bet or raise the amount which is equal to the size of the pot. As a rule the lowest bet in such games is the size of big blind bet and any bet may be raised only by the sum higher or equal to the previous raise. So, the bet sizes in pot limit poker game variations are quite high in the last rounds that is why such games are not counted to be so secure like the fixed limit poker. Additionally, there is no cap in poker with the pot limit betting structure.

No Limit Poker

In no limit games there are no any limited bets. The gamblers can wager even all money they have in bankroll at once. Though there are no max limits like in all games the smallest betting size is set by the rules. The raises amounts in no limit poker games must be higher or equal to the preceding raise and there are no caps. In no limit games each player is allowed to bet all his or her chips due to the all-in option and in such case the side pot is created. The gambler who holds the strongest poker hand receives the main pot (with his/her all-in bet) and the next best poker player is awarded the side pot. Of course, at online casinos all the winnings are calculated automatically.

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