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Types of Poker Casino Bet

Poker is usually played for money that is why it is considered to be serious game. Similar to any other casino game, like online blackjack poker is the game of strategies and requires a set of recommendations to be won. And these recommendations are according to the wikipedia more complicated than the blackjack card-counting and basic strategy all together.

In all poker forms the players are required to place the compulsory bets to create the starting pot and initiate the players to wager. Let’s familiarize with all kinds of compulsory poker casino bet used in some poker variations separately and in combinations.


This forced bet, used in some poker versions, mostly in the tournaments, is placed after the cards deal, not like the antes and blinds. Bring-in is usually assigned to one poker player to start betting and its size is equal or less than the minimum betting amount. The gambler who must make the bring-in is indicated by the value of his/her face up cards. It is stated by the rules of the game. Bring-in is always used in the poker games with the ante bets.


The size of this forced poker casino bet is equal for all gamblers and made at the beginning of the game session before the cards deal. The basic feature of ante is that it has to be placed by all the players at the table with no exception. In poker variations with ante bets no other obligatory bets are used. Only in some poker tournaments ante bets and blinds are used as a rule.


This forced poker casino bet like ante is placed before the dealer begin to deal the cards, but it is as a rule made by two players. Commonly there are two blind bets, which are the small and big blind. The small blind is posted by the immediate first poker player after the button. The big blind which usually is equal to the minimum betting amount is placed by the next player after the small blind position (the second poker player after the button). In some card rooms the third blind bet is used that is made by the dealer.


There are also not compulsory bets applied only in the poker games with the blinds. These are straddles. These bets can not be used in tournaments.

Straddle is placed by the first gambler after the big blind position. The amount of straddle has to exceed the amount of the big blind bet, in fact this is the raise of the big blind. After the straddle bet is placed the round of betting begins from the next poker player to the left and ends at the straddle position. The poker player who placed the straddle bet can raise the bet and in this case the betting proceeds.

During the tournaments other types of bets are used and they are considered to be in fact entry fees - buy-ins and re-buys.

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