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Strategies to Win at Multi Table Tournaments

Tournament pitfalls

At any multi table tournament, especially at the start of it there would be several weak players and it is extremely easy to win their chips. However, there still is some risk involved in it because inexperienced players would play on unexpected hands, would place bets on hands that do not make sense and it might get difficult for you to make sense out of it. No wonder some people prefer to amuse themselves occasionally with online card and table games in order to relax and lift off the stress.

Players that participate in a multi table tournament are likely to win some amount of money. However, those who would really make an excellent profit out of it would be the ones that would reach the finalists table. Every strategy that you use in your game would matter at the final table. Players who take risks after keeping the basic factors in mind are those who are playing to reach the final and those who play a tight game are merely playing to win some money before they cash out.

Tips for the Start

At the beginning stage when the tournament just starts your motive should be to win and accumulate as many chips as possible from players that are inexperienced. The weaker opponents would be playing even on weak cards; they would be placing bets, calling on raises and trying to get lucky at the game. It is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of it and win substantial amount of chips.

In order to reach the final table you must have enough chips and the perfect opportunity is right at the beginning of the game. You must be ready to take some risks when you are playing against weaker players. Assess the situations and consider the odds and then take your risks to win more pots.

In a tournament the blinds would be rising every couple of minutes and you must be able to stay ahead of this and be ready for it. When you are playing against opponents who raise even on medium strong hands, re-raise them, manipulate them to call your bets and win as much as you can. Bluff at times when you think it would work and try to knock out opponents who have a stronger stack.

The bubble

The bubble is the stage where you would only have to knock out a few players before you can reach the final is the best time to accumulate chips. The players who reach here have generally very high stacks and knocking down even a few players would get you a good deal of chips.  If you can accumulate a big stack you could intimidate the other players with smaller stacks to fold in and cash their money. There would be plenty of chances for you to double your stacks and you must not be afraid to take the risks.

The second bubble is where there are just a few players from which a handful will move to the final table. The size of the stacks of the opponents at this time would be very substantial. At this point you must take a few bold steps and a lot of risks. You must remember that there is a lot at stake at this stage and when you put in an all in bet on your hand, not many would call. 

If you play it the right way you might even reach to the final two players and here the game changes dramatically. In the final stage you must adjust your play according to the situation and take full advantage of the size of your chips stack. Play aggressively, understand the opponents weakness and play accordingly.

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