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Privacy Statement

Information related to service of advertisement on this website (if display advertising is the website editor’s policy) is as mentioned below,

1. Data Usage

Information can be used for customization and enhancement of user experience in the website. Steps will be taken for prevention of data availability to 3rd parties except (ID 1033 01) offered otherwise in this privacy policy (ii) your approval is got, like when choice is made for opt-out or opt-in for sharing of personal data; iii) a feature offered on our website requires a 3rd party interaction or is offered by a 3rd party, like a service provider for specific applications; (iv) consistent to  officially permitted action or enforcement of law; (v) it is discovered that the site usage breaches the privacy policy, terms and conditions or other guidelines of usage; or in case it is considered necessary by the website editor to safeguard the website editor’s legal privileges and/or assets; or (vi) this website is bought by a 3rd party when the 3rd party shall use the information in the same way as mentioned in this policy. In case you opt for using links which appear on this site to link to other web sites, you are requested to read and understand the privacy policies which are mentioned in those websites.

2. Cookies

Like most of the websites, this site makes use of cookies for enhancement of user experience, like storing the personal setting of the users. Advertisements shall be presented on this site and in such cases, they might set and access the cookies present in your PC; and such cookies are bound to privacy policies of the 3rd parties which provide the advertisement. Nevertheless, the companies which serve the advertisement do not contain the privileges for accessing the cookies of this site. These companies generally make use of information which is not identifiable personally or some anonymous codes for obtaining data about the visits in this website. You can check out the Initiative of Network Advertising if you need more information regarding this method of practice or to know more about the options including your choices regarding the companies which serve advertising in the site crazypokerfan.com.

3. Minors

People with age 13 and below are not permitted for becoming registered users of this website. For more info, kindly post your queries to the webmaster.

4. Editing or Deletion of user account data.

This website offers users facility for editing the information in their user account which was provided during the process of registration in the personal configuration settings page. Users may ask for account deletion by reaching the webmaster. Content or any other data provided by users which is not present within the user account like posts which appear in the forums of the website might be retained at the discretion of the website editor, in spite of deletion of the user account. Please refer to the terms of use for detailed information.

5. Modifications to privacy policy

Alterations can be made to this privacy policy at any point of time. In case of changes, users will be notified either through announcement in the website or through posting and/or by sending an email to the email-id provided by the user during registration process.


While this policy conveys standards and guidelines for maintaining personal data, and while lot of efforts are made for meeting the stated standards, the website editor is not in a situation to guarantee 100 percent compliance with all the standards. There could be several factors which are beyond the control of site editor which can result in disclosure of information. While this privacy policy state standards for maintenance of data, and while efforts will be made to meet the said standards, the site editor is not in a position to guarantee compliance with these standards. Therefore, there is no warranty or representation regarding nondisclosure of information offered by site editor.

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