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The Skype Effect

It’s difficult to apply your concentration solely to online poker when you’re playing with top operators like Unibet online casino. The advances in technology means there are just so many ways that we can become distracted when trying to play online.

One of these distractions is Skype. It can be a positive distraction, a negative distraction and most certainly a controversial one. Let’s deal with all three of these individually.


As long as you are speaking to the right people, Skype chat can be beneficial when playing online. It enables you to talk through spots with other players, which will help you clear your mind, much quicker, thus enabling you to make sounder decisions.


Whatever you do, do not speak to someone who is going to incur your wrath. A bad attitude brought on by a Skype conversation gone awry can have a devastating effect on your game. Talking to your partner is never a good idea when playing online poker. Not only are they most likely to wind you up, but your distraction will also wind them up as it becomes obvious that they don’t have your full attention.


If players can talk together, in private, whilst playing then they can easily create an advantage against their opponents. If you have access to the mind of a top quality player, then it can mean the difference between merely cashing and winning the thing. Then there is the often-controversial situation where friends end up on the same table together, and can share hole card information through Skype chat.

So use Skype, but use it sparingly and wisely, in order to maintain the best equilibrium when playing online poker.

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